Five Things Friday

I love Friday and I love coming up with five things to share. This week flew by in a flash, but it was certainly a good one! We have a crazy busy weekend coming up and I'm excited about it!


Birthday cake

This weekend we are celebrating 2 birthdays and I'm making the cakes! Tonight is for my mother-in-law and tomorrow is for my mom. I'm making fabulous, lucious layer cakes for both...flavors TBD since they are a surprise! As Kimberly once noted, there's nothing like real, delicious cake on your birthday...somehow other desserts just aren't as fun. I agree! Here's the amazing red velvet cake that my mom made for my birthday last year!


OPI I Have a Herring Problem

Ok first of all...the name of this one just cracks me up every time. Secondly, I am just really obsessed with this color! It's so gorgeous, has just a slight shimmer and I adore that it constantly begs the it blue? or is it gray?


Downton Abbey

We just started watching this a few nights ago. Though we're only one episode in, we are both already into it. Bonus...Maggie Smith rocks the house!



Irish-inspired eats

We ate corned beef and cabbage last night and have been snacking on my chocolate stout mini cakes with Irish cream frosting all week. I have one more item to make before St. Patrick's Day passes by...some Irish soda bread! I'm hoping to get to that tonight or tomorrow!


Hints of spring

This week was got majorly teased by some truly sensational weather. It was around 70, sunny and slightly breezy. Ah. Somehow, nice weather just makes everything a little nicer, don't you think? It's virtually impossible to not be in a great mood. It seems like it was tease, though, since today is chilly and rainy. Boo. But! It makes me hopeful for the warm and gorgeous months ahead!


Questions of the Day:

What are your five things this week?

What kind of dessert do you prefer on your birthday?

I love having cake! I think giant, yummy cakes just don't get as much love these days.

Weekend plans?

We will be birthdaying it up...followed by collapsing on Sunday after all the celebrating!