The Walking Dead

I'm excited because the season finale of The Walking Dead is happening this evening. This show became an unexpected obsession for Shaun and me.

I purchased the first season on a whim before our trip to Aruba last year so that we'd have something to watch in our room at night. Admittedly, I didn't realize the show was about zombies...I didn't know what it was about...just that a lot of people seemed to think it rocked the house.

Of course, 5 minutes into the first episode...and we were hooked!


This season's second half has been a real treat to watch every week and I'm sad that after tonight, it will be gone until the Fall.

If you're into The Walking Dead and counting down until the finale, here are some fun things to keep you occupied until then!

Did you know it was a comic book first?

Great interview with last week's casualty (sad face)

Writer Robert Kirkman on the mid-season finale...and one of my all-time favorite scenes

Sweet article about Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon...who I just can't get enough of

If you're into a viewing party, here are some fun ideas

If you aren't on board yet, get on it with the first season DVD

And lastly...if you think Rick looks familiar, you can also find him in one of my favorite movies...


So, will you be watching tonight? Let's discuss on the Facebook page tomorrow!