Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! I'm so exhausted this morning from a late night yesterday and I am ready for the weekend!! It's that means five things I'm diggin'!

Ghost, the Musical

Ok. So I was incredibly skeptical about this one when I went with my mom, Kimberly and my aunts to see the show last night. But! It was so good! So sad (I cried through the whole thing of course) but really well done. Funny at times and the music was fantastic. I see a lot of Broadway shows and I don't remember liking a show this much in a while. Maybe since Jersey Boys, years ago? Can't wait to download the soundtrack today.



New haircuts

I'm going to get mine done tomorrow!! My mane has really gotten out of control. I have a lot of thick hair and it's been way too long since I've had it trimmed and thinned. I'm ready. Here's a great haircut that I had gotten early last year. It looks so short compared to how long it is now!

Sleeping with the windows open

Though it's been incredibly humid (and I've woken up with curly hair each morning), there is nothing like delicious fresh air and tucking in under my comforter when it gets cool.

Sandals these Betsy Johnson Cristals flat...I am so excited for pedicures and open shoes! These are gorgeous and the price tag isn't too crazy. Adorb.

Spring scarves

I've fallen hard for this sweet striped one from Ann Taylor Loft. So pretty and a great way to dress up a classic white tee.


So that's what I'm digging on this incredibly warm Friday!

What are your things today?

psst...the winner of the SlimKicker slow cooker giveaway - picked at random - is Debbie who joined the bodyweight challenge! Debbie, please email your address to me so we can get your prize on its way to you.