Tuesday Things

1. I finally went back to the gym last night. This morning my body feels like it has turned on me. Sore body, sleepy eyes and strained neck are not making me happy today.

2. Shaun and I are both kinda sorta into Ice Loves Coco. Is anyone watching this? We actually look forward to it each Sunday night. I'm oddly captivated by a hardcore rapper turned family man and Law & Order actor and his simply adorable wife.

It's actually quite sweet to see Ice simply do what makes his wife happy. Call me crazy {and I know it's reality TV} but they actually seem like a normal, happy couple. No train wrecks, no drama. It just makes me smile. I think I'm going to need a bejeweled computer skin that says Rachel's World {like the Coco's World one on the show}...don't you think?

3. Some guy is suing AMC Theaters because their concession prices are astronomical. I actually do always buy popcorn when I go to the movies...I feel like it's such a treat, but $6+ for popcorn? I'm glad someone is standing up because I feel incredibly taken advantage of every time we go. Do you buy concessions at the movies?


4. I finished reading T.R. Ragan's Abducted and the sequel, Dead Weight. Abducted was a solid read...Dead Weight, not so much. Either way they were easy reads and got me back on the reading train!

5. I seriously switched gears and am now reading Pride & Prejudice. I realized that I need to read 5 classic novels by July and so I decided to get started. I had never read this book but have always had it on my list to get to. I'm a few pages in and getting used to the language. So far, so good. What classics can you recommend for me to add to the list?

6. I wish I had some of these chocolate stout cupcakes with Bailey's frosting made and ready to eat today:

I really need to make them soon. You can too.

7. I'd also settle for some Irish oatmeal cake. Just sayin'.

8. Has anyone seen The Walking Dead from Sunday? Holy @#$%. I actually felt ill after the final scene, and not because of the gore. So incredibly designed, captivatingly shot, and amazingly acted. Wow. Head over to the TAA Facebook page if you want to discuss!

Questions of the Day:

What TV Shows are you watching lately?

What classic reads can you recommend? Thanks for the suggestions on the FB page yesterday!

What are your things on this Tuesday?