If I Won the Powerball

I saw this morning that a nice old woman won the Powerball...and $336 million!

I don't even know what that number means. Can you imagine that much cash?

I can't.

What I can imagine is what I'd do with it, however :)

If I won the Powerball...

I'd pay off my house, my parents house and my sisters future houses.

I'd pay off my and Shaun's student loans and my sisters' student loans. (would I even have much left after this?! ;))

I'd buy a house in Aruba, an apartment in Paris, an apartment on Central Park West, a sprawling estate in New Jersey and a bungalow in San Diego...and maybe a place on the Jersey shore.


I'd spend my days writing.

I'd probably adopt like 15 dogs.


I'd give a big wad of it to a few charities of choice.

 I'd have a big ol' pantry with every baking ingredient, utensil and gadget under the sun.


I'd install a sweet pool and a hot tub.

I'd hire a driver so that I'd never have to take the Path again.

I'd easily fill the 300-shoe quota.


I could probably come up with 100 more things I'd love to do with $336 million! It's fun to daydream :)

What would you do if you won the Powerball?


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