Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, friends. This week flew by like a flash and I'm looking forward to a glorious weekend ahead. Hope you all have a great one!

It's five things friday, and so here we go!

Homemade pizza

Whole wheat crust, sauce, cheese and a little pepperoni...perfect Thursday night dinner when I don't feel like cooking yet also don't feel like spending $$ on ordering in. I save that for Friday nights :)


Daylight savings

It's happening this weekend! Though I hate the idea of losing an hour, I'm thrilled that it will be lighter out longer! Spring and warm weather are on their way!


Shamrock shakes

I've never had the touted McDonald's Shamrock Shake...but I don't really need it. I can make my own healthy version of the Shamrock Shake instead.


Summery shoes

I'm obsessed! I cannot wait for summer shopping season :) I'm crushing on these kate spade new york 'selena' slides

Good TV

I know that I'm like the last person to watch this, but the Homeland finale?! And last week's Walking Dead?! Holy @#$% on both. I just love good television! I totally get wrapped up and into it. As I await season 4 of Sons of Anarchy to arrive on DVD (I fear I have months to go), I'm on the hunt for new shows. Suggestions?


Oh and Claire Danes kinda rocks.


So that's what I'm digging this week. Have a great weekend everyone!

What TV shows can you recommend for me?

Do you like daylight savings?


oh and by the can check out my berry baked oatmeal on The Daily Meal today. Just sayin'!