How I Read

Can we talk about reading for a moment?

If you've been a reader of TAA, you know that I am constantly reading and always on the hunt for new books that I just can't put down. I have recently been reading Divergent and alternating between my Kindle and my Kindle app for iPhone.

I thought it would be fun to run through a few ways that I get my read on! And as always, I'd love to hear yours!

Kindle: Typically I read all of my books Kindle! I understand reservations toward fact, I used to feel the same way.

I know you are thinking 'but Rachel, I loooove having real books! And turning real pages! And letting them collect dust on my bookcase! And not being all 2012 about it!'

I know! Ok? I know. Trust me. I used to say the same thing. But once I realized the ease, convenience and light-weight nature of the Kindle, I never looked back. In fact, I often will refuse to read a real paperback, in favor of purchasing the e-version. I have problems. I'm just mildly obsessed with the fact that I have access to any book I want at any time I want. So yeah...I'm being all 2012 about it! Instant gratification or bust!

Even on the beach, real books are no more

Kindle app for iPhone: If I somehow forget my Kindle at home, or if I'm riding the train without a large purse, I simply use the Kindle app, which can sync to your actual Kindle and the spot you are reading. I love having this option, even if it's not the absolute most ideal way to read. Somehow, reading on the iPhone actually does make me a little motion sick (as opposed to the actual Kindle screen), but it is truly a great option when carrying the Kindle itself just isn't in the cards. Ah technology.

Magazines: Ok, this one I do NOT read on any kind of device, other than the thick glossy pages themselves. I do love having real magazines because I adore the vibrant colors and the ability to rip pages out to save in my recipes and home projects binders. I also do not have a color screen on my Kindle, so perhaps I'd feel differently if I did.

Blogs & News: Typically I read all of these on the computer. Occasionally, I'll pull up some blogs on my iPhone and read them, but I like having the big screen for photos and just simpler reading. Not to mention that I'd rather spend more time on the computer than looking at the tiny iPhone screen. Though I know how to remedy that...with an iPad perhaps?! :) That's on my wishlist, by the way. But in all seriousness, I have about 100+ blogs in my Google Reader (which often has upwards of 500+ unread posts giving me anxiety to get reading) and love checking real and entertainment news all the time. Sigh.

So that's how I get my reading done. Now it's your turn!

Questions of the Day:

How - and what - do you read?

Do you have multiple devices?

What have you been reading lately?