Five Things Friday

Happy Friday the 13th to you!

You know we just had one of these in January? (Thanks to my husband for remembering that one).

Are you superstitious? I'm not really. I always kind of wonder if I should be but in general, I don't really pay attention to it.

This week flew by for me, especially since I had a short week. I'm psyched that the weekend is already upon us! And since it's Friday, that means it's time for my five things!


A-mazing animals

My aunt and uncle own horses, dogs, cats goats...going to their house is always fun and always an adventure! I snapped some photos on Easter Sunday, including this incredible one of a stray cat who wandered into their barn and gave birth to five kittens! Ah the cuteness! She offered a kitten to me (once they are a little older, of course), but I declined. I'm still not over the last kitten situation.


Spring blooms

I can't get enough. Trying to soak up as much as possible since blooms are so fleeting this time of year.


Tim Tebow

I know this isn't new news...but he's just so adorable! He's on Good Morning America today and I'm thrilled that football has a hero who is (despite whether or not you agree with his religious beliefs) simply a good, kind-hearted person. And if you don't believe me, read this article.


Closet detox

I spent most of the day Monday weeding out a big bag of clothing to be donated and reorganizing my closet so that I can find what I'm looking for (and simply see what I even have in general). Only half of this closet is mine. Can you tell which half? Closet space is definitely limited in our loft, but thanks to my mom for helping us make the most of this one.


My favorite breakfast spot

I adore 92Y in Tribeca for breakfast. In fact, I wish my budget would allow me to eat there every morning. I often stop in for scrambled eggs with fontina cheese, some dry 7-grain toast and a large coffee. It's incredibly inexpensive (under $6), deliciously fresh, and wonderfully convenient as there aren't a whole lot of options in that area.

So there you have it. Five things I'm digging this week. Hope you all have a great weekend!

What are your five things this week?

What are your weekend plans?