Secret Recipe Club: Individual Lemon Berry Trifles

Ugh Monday totes snuck up on me this week. I had such a great and productive weekend but I swear productive =fly by.

The only thing getting me going today is the fact the it's Secret Recipe Club reveal day...yay!
I really love being a part of this series because it introduces me to new blogs, I've made new blog friends, and it's always so exciting to see who had my blog on a given month and which recipe they chose to make. Each month, The Secret Recipe Club, founded by the lovely Amanda, pairs a blogger with another blog. The blogger then chooses one recipe to cook or bake and reveals it as a surprise on a designated day. So fun!


This month I was given Big Bear's Wife as my blog from which to choose a recipe. I was thrilled because Angie is also the hostess for our group, Group C! She is always lovely and so helpful...and her blog is absolutely delicious. When I came across her recipe for a strawberry and blueberry trifle, I couldn't get it out of my head. With all of the gorgeous weather we've been having so early in the year (save for yesterday and today), all I can do is daydream about summertime, laying by the pool, attending barbecues with friends and family...and dining on fresh, light desserts, like berry trifles.


While Angie had made one large trifle, I didn't really have an occasion for that, so instead, I made some individual trifles for Shaun and me to have this week! I love having things pre-portioned for easy access and keeping a limit on over eating. I simply covered them tightly with plastic wrap and they will be ready to go for a post-dinner treat tonight!



Individual Lemon Berry Trifles

*Adapted from Big Bear’s Wife

Makes 4 small trifles

1 box angel food cake mix

1 lemon, juiced and zested

2 C strawberries

1 C blueberries

½ tub fat-free Cool Whip

Prepare cake according to package directions, stirring in the juice and zest (about 1 Tbsp) of one lemon before baking. Let cool completely and cut into cubes. If you are in a pinch, simply purchase a premade angel food cake and cut into cubes, which will work just as nicely.

In four small glasses, layer some angel food cake cubes, then Cool Whip, then strawberries, then cake, then Cool Whip, then blueberries. (Or in any order you prefer!) Serve chilled with a long spoon.

You will have lots of cake leftover. I simply cut the entire thing into cubes and froze what I didn't use for a future recipe!


So there you have it. 

This recipe really couldn't be any simpler and you'd be hard-pressed to find a healthier dessert! 

So what do you think?

What simple, healthy desserts are you loving lately?

Are you getting any summery cravings as of late?