Two Things Friday

So today I'm running late and trying to get into the office early and thus my usual Five Things Friday has been cut into...Two Things Friday!

Sorry to leave you hanging but in all honesty, I'm kind of obsessed with two things this week and so it's the perfect time to leave you with only those :)

Zoya Midori

I am, OBSESSED with this color and this brand! I wasn't sure if I'd love this green since it's very...well, green. The color actually screams summer time and I love that it dazzles up a simple outfit with a burst of color. And not only does it go on like a dream, but it has this gorgeous, slight gold shimmer that is simply lovely. And bonus? I've still yet to have a single chip in the polish. This photo actually makes it look more kelly green and less apple green, but either way, it's gorgeous!


50 Shades Darker I can't stop reading! I've been contemplating 'going for walks' in the afternoon at work just so I can sneak in a few pages. Sadly, I'm already wondering what I'm going to do when I blow through the series (probably by end of next week).

So that's it from me on this Friday. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and share some of your things on this Friday with me!