Easter Recipes + Delirium Discussion

Happy hump day! The weekend is on the horizon and I've been brainstomring what to make for Easter Sunday. We will begin the day with church with Shaun's parents and then back to their house for some breakfast. I'm thinking a little baked oatmeal will be in order...

In the afternoon, we will head to my aunt's house and I'm thinking of bringing some cupcakes! I have these adorable cupcake liners that just need to be used. I also used them in last year's malted chocolate cupakes. So cute. I think that a nice chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream is the ticket...

I also have a number of other Easter recipes that I'm contemplating, but those two are leading the pack. If you're on the hunt of some other Easter recipes, here are some more ideas:

Chocolate cookie peepza pie. So cute and fun and can be whipped up in a snap.

Jelly bean brown sugar cookies. Ah I love these. They are so cute and fun. The jelly beans look like little jewels and keeps the cookie nice and chewy!

Chocolate peanut butter eggs. I mean...what more can I say? They are super easy and cute.

Chick cake pops. I haven't tried making these, but someone who is better at dessert decorating than I am should.

White chocolate pretzel Easter bark...in case you missed it yesterday, this bark is sweet, salty and festive.

So there you go. Some fun recipes for you!

What are your plans for Easter or Passover?


On another note...let's talk about Delirium!

Did you read it? (And if you didn't...read no further!)


I really, really loved this book. I was immediately sucked into this world where love is a disease and members of society have 'the procedure' when they turn 18 in order to prevent them from feeling love.

Of course, our heroin, Lena, who is completely for the procedure, ends up meeting Alex...and falls in love just weeks before her scheduled procedure.

Ah Alex.


I started thinking about this concept of not feeling love...and what a scary concept that is! Can you imagine that? What is life worth living without love for parents, siblings, children, husbands, wives...even pets?! No world I want to live in, that is for certain.

For me, the ending happened as expected, but I didn't mind. I thought it was exciting and a fun, easy read. I love getting sucked into books like this!

So here are some questions to get the discussion going. Also, please note that this is JUST for Delirium...if you've already read Pandemonium (the second book), please do NOT post any spoilers for Pandemonium...mmm k?


How do you think this idea of 'no love' came about in this world?

Did you identify with Lena before her 'deliria'? Her desire to follow the government and do what she is told, since it 'must be in her best interest'?

Why do you think that cameras were suddenly installed at the house?

And as for the ending...what do you think Alex's fate might be?

I hope that some of you read this book and join in the discussion! I'll post my thoughts in the comments!