Thursday Thoughts

1. I have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow. Woot!

2. In the wake of my Delirium withdrawal, I am now reading Divergent. My feelings on this It's definitely not nearly as good as Delirium and compared to Hunger Games? No. Just no.

3. I've eaten about a million of these this week...

and these...

I can't stay away from the chocolate egg versions of candy bars, apparently.

4. Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts? I had my first DD iced coffee of the season yesterday and it was wonderful. There is nothing better in warm weather than iced coffee. Yum. I would take Dunkin over Starbucks anyday.

5. Did you see they made 'Once' into a musical? I actually never saw the movie but am obsessed with the song from it.


6. Baseball season starts today. I dread this day from November to April 1. At least football only takes up one day per is on like 100 times per week.

7. I'm debating on what color to paint my nails for Easter. It's a toss up between:

OPI's No Room for the Blues

and Essie's Lilacism


8. Peeps!

9. Did anyone watch The Pauly D Project last week? What were your thoughts? I thought it was pretty boring, but he's still adorable and so I'll likely continue watching :)

10. colored jeans. I hope these are happening tonight!

11. I forgot to announce it yesterday...but the winner of the gourmet candy bar giveaway, picked at random, is Amy! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Time to head off to's my Friday!!

What are your thoughts this week? What are you loving?