Five Things Friday: Favorite Foods Edition, Part II

It's Good Friday...who's ready for the weekend?!

Are your hands raised?

Both of mine are! I actually am starting a 4 day weekend today which is exciting for this holiday. What are your weekend plans?

So after last week's favorite foods edition, I realized that I had many more favorite foods that I simply wouldn't want to go without (obviously). So I'm back with another five favorite foods! Oh and keep in mind...these are NOT healthy foods (obviously)...and I think that will be another post in the future :)



I just love it. A great start to any morning, caffinated or not. I love it with some half and half and lots of sweetener.



I so love a good cheeseburger. Thick, juicy ground beef, a little pink in the middle and loaded with velvety melted cheese.



Of all the appetizers I made, I still always love simple potato chips or veggies and onion dip. So simple, so not good for me, yet I can't resist. Give me pizza dip, artichoke & spinach dip, warm pimento and pepper jack cheese dip or Greek layer dip. Sigh.



I just love a good slice of layer cake. Lots of frosting filling it all in. Sweet frosing, moist, pillowy cake...any flavor will do.


I could (and do!) eat them all the time. For breakfast, lunch or dinner. So versatile and so delicious.


 So those are some more of my favorite foods!

I know this series could go on and on...and it just might! I love food!

What are your top 5 favorite foods?