On Your 30th

Today is Shaun’s 30th birthday.

On one hand, years, ages, and birthdays don’t really matter. They are just numbers.

On the other, I can’t believe that 15 years ago {and the first time I met him}, I was an awkward sophomore in high school; just a {very young} girl with a {very major} crush on a boy.

If you would have told me then that 15 years later, we’d be married and celebrating his 30th birthday together at a quiet restaurant in Hoboken, eating sushi, holding hands, being silly in love...well, part of me probably would have fallen out of my chair.

With both surprise and glee.

And maybe some part of me wouldn’t have. Because I think some part of me always knew we’d end up this way.

at our senior prom in 2000

And so, my love, on your 30th birthday, I just want to say thanks...

for making me eggs in the morning.

for tickling my feet, even though I often shriek and sometimes kick you.

for agreeing to watch Bethenny Ever After and other equally girly shows with me...and generally allowing me to have free rein over the remote.

for building all of our Ikea furniture, including our new dressers.


for always being the driver.

for snuggling me up in the middle of the night.

for doing your own laundry.

for warming up my hands, when they are like icicles and you say they feel like those of a dead fish. or of a corpse. either way.

for having dimples and long eyelashes and just being so darn cute.

for listening to Sirius Hits in the car, even though I know it makes you cringe.

for making fun of the fact that I like my coffee super sweet.

for giving me 100 nicknames and counting.

for your constant encouragement of me (doing anything, but especially) writing + cooking

for your incredibly dramatic reaction when you get ‘shocked’ by little static electricity in the winter.

for always being incredibly smart, witty and handsome....and looking damn dapper in a suit.

for a million other things that I’m forgetting right now.

for being my world.

happy birthday my love!