What I Ate: Birthday Edition

Since many of you seemed to enjoy this post last week, and I kind of enjoyed putting it together, I'm back today for another episode of What I Ate!

For breakfast, I indulged in my favorite breakfast from 92Y. Scrambled egg whites with fontina. Serious yum. Unfortunately it wasn't a total indulgence because I did NOT get the 7 grain toast, which is really almost the best part. It's so good. But I went all protein and caffeine. You know I got a barrel of coffee with this. I scarfed it down before snapping a photo, but I did manage to snag one of the outside of the cafe:


The egg whites and cheese kept me full until lunchtime but by 1:00, I was ravaging! I had a can of Progresso light chicken rotini vegetable. Not really the best lunch ever since it wasn't entirely filling and I'm sure it was laden with chemicals. But! I keep them on hand for those days when I just.cannot.eat.another.salad. and my office is as cold as a meat locker and I just need something that I can grab and go.

So yeah. Soup. I have plans to make this better in the future though...stay tuned.



On the side, I enjoyed a diet Coke (extra points if you can guess what show that pint glass represents), and a string cheese. I probably should have had water instead of soda but...I didn't.


Around 4pm I was ravaging again! Ah! So I cut up an apple and dipped it in a tablespoon of Sunbutter. It's like I'm 8.


And dinner time = celebrating this guy's birthday!

We started the evening with wine and edamame. Unfortunately we decided we just weren't feeling sushi at that particular restaurant, so we ended up with our other favorite...Indian food! Once again, I completely forgot to snap a photo, but if I had, it would have looked something like this delicious plate of yore:

On the side, we had wine. Yes, that's two bottles you see there. For two people.

And yes, that does in fact explain why I feel like death today.

For dessert? Shaun isn't so much into dessert, but he does like ice cream, so back at home we enjoyed some vanilla + mint chocolate chip ice cream bowls.

So that's what I ate yesterday. Certainly more indulgent on a Tuesday evening than I'd normally be, but birthdays call for special exceptions! I'm definitely looking forward to getting back in the swing of things today with a  nice light day of eating, followed by some gym time this evening!

Questions of the Day:

What's your favorite thing you've eaten this week?

Which do you prefer, sushi or Indian food? I love both so much, but if I really had to choose, I think I might pick Indian! Of course I'm nursing a tummy ache this morning, so in hindsight perhaps I should be choosing sushi :)