Five Things Friday's Friday?!

How did that happen?

A long weekend clearly = unproductive Rachel (hence no recipes this week) and a Friday that crept up incredibly quickly.

I'm not complaining though. I have a long, fun-filled weekend ahead and I'm ready to power through today and get to the fun stuff! It's Friday so you know what that means...Five Things!


Zevia soda.

I had this for the first time yesterday from the Now Eat This! Truck and I was instantly smitten. It's all natural, sweetened with stevia and absolutely delicious. Bring it on!



Burgers with a twist.

We grilled these up last weekend and added some carmelized onions on top. If you want to take a plain old burger and turn it up a notch...these are for you! So delicious, juicy and with just a kick of sweetness. Even on a sandwich thin, these were fantastic.



Going down the shore.

That's what we Jerseyans say around these parts and I'm loving that summer is here and the shore is abound! We had so much fun last weekend sitting on the beach, around a campfire, and sampling all kinds of local eats - like scallop bisque and ahi tuna. Clams anyone?


The Violets of March.

I'm in the midst of reading it this week and have really been enjoying it thus far. To give you a brief gist, it's the story of Emily, a twenty-something, recently divorced former best-selling author. She takes a month to live with her aunt on a secluded island where she finds a secret diary and other mysteries about her family while on the island. So far, so good! I'll let you know how it turns out.


Sweet summer dresses.

I can't stop looking at classic shifts, prints, stripes, you name it. I just want a closet full of pretty summer that too much to ask?! I'm really crushing on this little polka dot number:


So that's what I'm digging this week.

What five things are you loving this week?