Cupcakes for a Parisian Bridal Shower

This weekend, I made a whole lotta cupcakes.

On Sunday, I went to Lindsey's bridal shower and brought said cupcakes.

She is getting married in Paris in less than a month. I so wish I was going with her. But since I'm not, I was so excited to celebrate with her yesterday. Of course, my way to anyone's heart is through food...usually cupcakes. In celebration of her Parisian wedding shower, I made sweet little Parisian-themed cupcakes.

To keep things simple, I made yellow cake and chocolate cake for the base. For the frosting, I made a chocolate buttercream and vanilla buttercream. Then, I simply frosted both types of cake with both types of frosting. So there were some all vanilla, some all chocolate, and some vanilla & chocolate. All the bases were covered!

I found these adorable Parisian-themed cupcake liners at Sur La Table, which, to my surprise, held up fabulously during baking. The bottoms have little Eiffel towers and French poodles on them. Adorb! All in all, the cupcakes were a hit...and they tasted pretty fantastically too :) Stay tuned for the recipe and decorating info tomorrow!

Now, who wants one to help get through this Monday morning?!