Five Things Friday: The Enterprise Strikes Back

Oh hi.

Sorry I've been ditching you lately. I have a ton of stuff going on and well, cooking (and subsequently blogging) just hasn't been on the menu.

Next week I'm traveling, but I'm working to have at least a few posts for you throughout the week! And with that in mind, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I've got a day by the pool at my parents' house planned for tomorrow and Sunday I'm flying out the Las Vegas for the week on a work trip.

So I'll leave you with my five things of the week!

Cupcake Palooza

Last weekend was filled with a cupcake extravaganza in my kitchen. I made a whole lot of cupcakes for Lindsey's Parisian bridal shower...and then another batch of pineapple coconut cupcakes for a party at my aunt's house. All in all, I made about 100 cupcakes! And each one was deliciously fluffy and sweet.


The Enterprise Strikes Back

Last month, we saw the Space Shuttle Enterprise flying on the back of a plane up the Hudson River. Earlier this week, it was on a boat, rowing up the Hudson on its way to the Intrepid. Can't beat that view.


Leaving on a jet plane.

On Sunday I'm leaving for Las Vegas on a work trip and I hope to have updates for you next week. I hope to be eating at some great restaurants and wearing cute outfits. Just sayin'. And in case you weren't around last year, here's how I packed a whole lotta stuff in one tiny suitcase for last year's trip.


Truck Stop.

A little park opened near my office a few weeks ago...and it's the perfect spot for food trucks! They line up everyday and it's a simple, quick way to grab an inexpensive lunch during the work day (especially when Rocco's Now Eat This Truck is in the house!). Although it's in Manhattan, there aren't a whole lot of eateries in our neighborhood. This sweet little park is my new favorite thing. And since the trucks change daily, I use this handy app, which finds food trucks near you based on your location. Pure genius.


Summer sandals

I've got the high heeled sandals covered, and now I'm on the hunt for some lower, more everyday - but still super chic - sandals. I'm currently crushing on these Enzo Angiolini studded sandals with just a small heel and lots of rhinestones to give 'em a little something. Oh and they are on sale...hmpf.


So that's what I'm digging this week!

What are your five things this week?