Add a Little Sparkle

This weekend I was feeling particularly adventurous in the nail polish department. 

It's my idea of a wild time, I tell ya! ;)

I decided to have a little fun with color and glitter.

On my nails, I went with Zoya Creamy, a bright, sunny yellow. Typically this color scares me as nail polish because I think that it can easily look messy or unflattering, especially if not applied evenly. I am happy to report that Zoya makes such fabulous polish and this lived right up to its name. It went on creamy and even, leaving a happy lemony shade.

On my thumb and ring finger, I added a dusting of Deborah Lippman's Happy Birthday for good measure. I loved this look! So sparkly and fun without being too over the top (or causing severe issues when trying to peel this glitter off at a later day. 4 fingers vs. 10 makes it a lot more palatable!).



Then it was time for the toes! I did not want yellow on my toes. It just seemed a little 'fungusy' to be a toenail color. Instead I went with a bold red, Essie's Bungle Jungle. I really love this color. So pretty with just a hint of shimmer. I also added a layer of Happy Birthday to my second toe on each foot for a little extra fun! Oh and please excuse my utterly less-than-perfect pedicure :)



So those are the colors I'm rocking this week. Nothing says crazy birthday weekend like sparkly nail polish, right?! ;)

Happy Monday everyone!