What I've Been Eating Lately

As you might imagine, my meals have been slightly ad hoc lately. In truth, once I found out I was pregnant and the tiredness set in, cooking...and eating!...were just about the very last thing I cared about. Sadly for Shaun, my dinner plans went just about as far as whatever I could grab from the kitchen on my way to my pajamas and the couch or my bed. This included cheese and crackers or hummus or a bowl of popcorn or a piece of fruit...and that was it. Pretty much anything that didn't require any cooking whatsoever. Not the healthiest plan, I admit :)

Shaun has been a real trooper about this over the first 3+ months. I basically pulled a total 180 on him. I was in the groove of not only cooking dinner every night, but also prepping our lunches each day as well. Shaun has taken on most of the cooking and cleaning...since if it were up to me, I would even forego some dinners if it meant getting to sleep faster. 

Now that I'm 4 months pregnant and happily in the second trimester, I do find myself with a little more energy and the {small} will to cook, do dishes {or at least wipe down the countertops...yeah when I say I did nothing for 3 months, I actually did nothing...}, and yesterday I even baked some banana bread with some browning bananas on the countertop. 

Though I didn't have any horrible morning sickness or crazy food aversions (aside from peanut butter and chocolate cake. sigh), my tastes have definitely changed in terms of what I like to eat. Instead of my usual eggs and toast or fresh fruit with nut butter (ack), now I find myself wanting cereal every morning. Lately, I've been going with Rice Krispies...but really any cereal will do!


I've been wanting carbs and more carbs. Though I try to supplement this with protein and other healthy things, it's difficult to deny a nice bowl of pasta or some chicken and rice. Pasta with sauce or even a little light butter and parmesean cheese has been on my mind like crazy.

those mozzarella balls are pasteurized!. just sayin'.

Last night, I 'made' dinner and here's what it consisted of: rotisserie chicken (I cut it up myself though!), minute rice (it also had barley in it! sorta healthy?) and roasted vegetables (they were precut from a bag, but I mixed them with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted them myself...so there).

I've also been on a wild fruit craze. Though that's really nothing new from me! I love me some fruit! Basically anything but bananas have been making the cut...pineapple, cantaloupe, raspberries, apples...I try to always reach for these when I want a snack!

In the dessert department, it's all about the ice cream. And my personal favorite? The McDonald's Oreo McFlurry. Oddly enough, I don't think I'd ever even had one of these before I was pregnant. But when I want ice cream, I let myself indulge. Though I try to limit these to one special dessert night per week :)

So that's what I've been digging over the last week. Next week...who knows? But you know I'll keep you posted!

What foods have you been loving lately?

Do you love ice cream in the summer?