Summer Shows

It's no secret that I love television.

Once the Fall hits, my schedule will be pretty packed with great television...and I love every minute of it!

The summertime, notorious for lackluster programming, does leave a bit to be desired, but since Shaun and I have spent many a night at home on the couch this summer, we definitely have a short list of summer TV that we've been digging.

Breaking Bad

If you aren't watching this show...please do it! But start from the beginning, don't jump in now. This is at the top of our favorite shows list. Walter White's descent from passive, honest high school teacher (Mr. Chips) to manic, scary drug kingpin who knows no bounds (Scarface) has been a wild ride. Each season never ceases to amaze me by reinventing itself and keeping the core storyline a fascinating one...and leaves me with my jaw on the floor each week. Oh and the A-mazing supporting characters don't hurt either...Jesse, Mike, Saul and 'em all.

True Blood

Ok. Who else is watching this show? I've always been willing to go along with the over the top craziness of True Blood, mainly because it was fun, Eric was hot and the storyline was good enough. This season? I don't even have words. Every week Shaun and I look at each other and wonder why we are still watching. For me, it really jumped the shark this season with the Lost-ian smoke monster. At this point, there are 2 eps left so I have to continue...but am I alone in this feeling? I miss the good old days of fighting over Sookie, Eric not being a giant loser and caring about the characters. At this point, the only ones I can tolerate are Jason and always :)

The Olympics (!!!)

We had so much fun watching The Olympics this summer! I really loved the gymnastics, swimming, diving and track & field. So great. I wish it wasn't every 4 years (I'm not as big a fan of winter! But, I will say that I"m happy to not have the urge to stay up until midnight each night to make sure that I don't miss any of the good stuff. Until 2016!


Yep. We DVR it every evening. We really enjoy having this as a quick watch. It's fun to note that I can answer a respectable amount of questions and feel like I'm being educated at the same time. Yeah, just peddle us right into the geriatric unit already...


America's Got Talent

I'm definitely not one for competition shows, but I am one for Howard Stern. I could kind of take the show or leave it, but I do enjoy getting a dose of one of my favorite media stars. And who would have thought that the creepy curmudgeon of the show would actually be Howie Mandell? (And Howie? Once you ask people if the hat is cool, it automatically negates anything that could have possibly been cool). Howard makes the show watchable and now we are sucked in and rooting for the guy with the strings and the dog troop. Both of these acts make me happy.

So that's what we've been digging this summer. It's been fun, but I'm ready for my flood of Fall shows to start up!

Questions of the Day:

Do you prefer summer or winter Olympics?

What shows (if any!) have you been watching this summer?