Week 17

So I'm almost at the end of Week 17. Time really feels like it's flying now!

And there's no doubt about it...I definitely have a little bump!

Ok, I'm still bordering the line of 'Is she pregnant or just eating too much ice cream and doesn't realize she shouldn't be wearing tight clothes?'

It's pretty wild because just a few days ago I feel like I was the only one who could really notice that my belly was growing. Then I woke up one morning and...there it was! After all, about a week ago, I barely had anything to show:


Growing pains

A few aches and pains this week! I'm getting a little bit of lower back pain in the evenings...I think from my front section growing and loosening and putting a bit of stress on my back. I also noticed that yesterday my stomach muscles were KILLING me! It felt like I had worked out and done 300 crunches (which obviously, I did not). I assume this is from all the stretching going on and to be honest, I'm loving every moment of it. It's pretty amazing to see and feel my body changing so much. Oh and to help with the stretch mark situation, I'm using both Burt's Bees Mama Bee and The Body Shop coconut butter (thanks Christine Bean!!).


They aren't lying when they say the 2nd trimester is great. In general, I feel really good! Since the beginning I've had much more energy in the morning than in the evening. Now, I'm starting to have a bit more energy at night and I almost feel human again. When I come home from work, I no longer head straight for the couch, but actually help out making dinner, tidying up and doing the dishes. I'm sure that Shaun is pretty psyched for this development! Though he's still handling the bulk of the chores (like making tacos for dinner! Yum!) and just generally being a rock star.



Hunger Games

I'm learning that hunger is a crazy, crazy beast when you are pregnant. I go from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes...one minute the thought of food couldn't be less appealing and the next my stomach is a burning ball of hunger and if I don't feed it, it feels like it will implode. I can also eat like a champ. Salads? Not cutting it. I could easily down 2 breakfasts and snacks are a must. I carry a few things in my purse at all times for emergencies. I've also noticed that I could eat until I'm full and then about 15 minutes later, my stomach is growling again! Not just a bit of hunger...actual growling! It's hunger like I've never felt before and so I'm trying my hardest to reach for healthy things when this crazy feeling sets in...apples, carrot sticks & hummus or cut up fruit seems to work nicely. In my purse, I always have a couple of granola bars and a bottle of water. My favorite food this week? Green apples. Yeah, I dunno.



I'm happy to say that I made it until over 4 months in my regular clothes. I did pick up a BeBand from Target which has helped me continue to wear my pre-preg pants for the last couple of months as those buttons just stopped buttoning (or continued buttoning, but dug into my belly all day so that I felt as though I - and Baby H - couldn't breathe!). It's just a stretchy band that goes over the top of your pants, which can be left unbuttoned or unzipped. The band smoothes everything out and holds up your pants. Yeah, it's pretty genius.

But! I'm kind of approaching that point where even that just isn't cutting it anymore. Today I'm going on my first maternity shopping trip to find some pants and skirts. Tops are still fitting just fine, especially since I usually wear baggy tops with form fitting pants anyway. Oh! And my wonderful aunt loaned me some of her maternity clothes (she has 3 adorable little ones!) which are so cute and comfy. That's where I got the purple top above. It's amazing how much more comfortable that was to wear, so I'm excited to get some more staples that will fit me now and grow with me over the next few months!


So that's my update for this week! In general, I couldn't feel better or happier :) Here's to a fantastic weekend! 

What are your weekend plans?