Creature of {Changing} Habit

Since I've been pregnant, one of the craziest things I've noticed is how much daily life shifts. Things that were once normal are no longer. Changing body and hormones affects so many different things in daily life; and things that I may not have noticed previously.

Early Morning Eating.

Once upon a time, I barely even ate breakfast. Sometimes, a giant coffee would suffice until 1pm. Those days are way behind me. Over the last couple of years, my typical breakfast, consisting of eggs and toast or fresh fruit and peanut butter, would be eaten at 9am or beyond. Sometimes closer to 9:30 or 10:00 once I arrived and was settled in the office. These days, I'm hungry as soon as I wake up. Breakfast definitely happens before I leave for work in the morning, sometimes as early as 7am. And my breakfast of choice? Cereal or oatmeal.

Early to bed.

In my pre-pregs days, I always dreaded sleep time during the week. The sooner you go to sleep, the sooner the morning comes and morning = hustling and bustling to work...right? I would try to stay up as late as possible, convincing myself that I wasn't tired. Nowadays, making it until 10pm is a major feat and typically, we're in bed by 10pm every night (even on the weekends). Luckily, I think Shaun has mostly adjusted to my schedule!


When I'm hungry, I need to eat.

This is simply non-negotiable anymore and when it hits, there had better be something in my path. In the past, I'd try to stick to a schedule of eating. Breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner. Now, I eat when I'm hungry. This means carrying a snack with me at all times. I always have a granola bar and an apple in my purse for emergencies. Random snacking includes mid-morning, before bed (yup, one night at 10pm my stomach was literally growling which led to a bowl of strawberries bedside), on the Path ride home after work (what, is string cheese not normal to eat on the Path train?)...I never can tell when the hunger will hit.

Changing tastes.

Like the green apple above, lately my tastes have shifted slightly. Things that I'd never eat have suddenly become a staple in my diet. Some things on this list include a love for lemonade and orange juice, big bowls of Raisin Bran, cold green apples (I'm still confused by this one), and Twix bars to name a few. Not that I ever disliked these things, but I would never EVER reach for them in my previous life. Luckily I haven't had any violent food aversions, but the few things include nut butter, bananas and chocolate cake. This is just incredibly odd because in my previous life, these 3 things combined would have equaled heaven for me. So for the first time I can remember, we celebrated my birthday this year with a vanilla on vanilla cake (instead of chocolate cake - ack! - with vanilla buttercream).


So that's how things have been changing a bit lately. I know we're in store for a whole lot more in the coming months!

What are some of your changing habits?