Wednesday Musings

Hi everyone!




I don't blame you if you've stopped reading TAA. I've been a horrible friend to you...the kind who you reach out to and get no response. Who you plan to have dinner or drinks with and she cancels on you. And I'm sorry. I really am! I know we've had this discussion before. I hope you'll give me another chance! There have been some big things going on 'round here and well...unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat. But I'm here now! And I've missed you all!

Does that count for something? 

I hope so :)

If you accept my apology and are still hanging with me...well, here are a few things going on lately!

I've thoroughly been enjoying summertime...spending time at the beach, swimming in my parents' pool and eating tons and tons of summer fruit!


I finished reading Gone Girl. I've had many conversations about this book with girlfriends who've also read it. For as much as I enjoyed the beginning and middle...well that's how disappointed I was with the ending. Anyone else care to weigh in? I think the author just decided to stop writing for the last quarter of the book. I kept waiting for one final twist that never seemed to happen...


Loving slash hating New York City simultaneously for its gorgeousness coupled with its disgustingness on a 95 degree day (plus humidity).

Quietly getting excited for football season to return! Football fan or not, I really just love whipping up a sweet spread on a Sunday afternoon and settling in for the day with Shaun by my side. To me, there is really not much in life that's better than this.

Appreciating the one rainy Saturday that we've had all summer with a viewing of The Dark Knight Rises at Cinema Suites. There's really no better way to watch a movie, in my opinion!


Loving all things studded and drooling over my new boots. Now if the temperature would only fall below 90 degrees...


Digging these sweet colored bangle bracelets. I love just having an arm full of 'em!

So that's what I've been loving lately.

How is your summer going?

What things are you digging or not digging right now?