Thursday Thoughts

1. It's absolutely 100% weather perfection this week. 70 degrees and sunny with big fluffy white clouds. Just cool enough for boots and a long sleeve shirt or light jacket. Yes please and thank you.

2. Speaking of boots, I am so happy that I get to wear these now:

Shaun gave these to me for my birthday back in July and they've been taunting me sitting patiently under my bed for the last 2 months waiting to be rocked.

Oh and don't they seem slightly reminiscent of these totally kick-ass LA Gear Michael Jackson kicks of yore?

{Photo source}

I totally owned these and thought I was the coolest kid around. I'm pretty sure my mom still has them in a box in our basement (true or false, Mom?) and so I hope they come back around in style when my little girl is old enough to wear them. Did anyone else have these? I also recall that they came in white with gold studs...

3. Tuesday was National Cheeseburger Day. Shaun and I hopped on over to the White Mana Diner in Jersey City for some of their classic sliders. Super flat, thin patties with onions, cheese and pickles, it doesn't really get much better and there's nothing like a Jersey diner!

4. While we were eating, that whole scary tornado/flash flooding warning thing came to fruition and the power went out in the diner. We didn't mind. 

5. The Giants are playing tonight. I simultaneously love and hate night games. I love them because they are inevitably more exciting and I love cozying up on the couch with the window cracked and a fuzzy blanket to watch (without the guilt I feel about doing so on a Sunday afternoon). And I hate them because I inevitably can never stay awake to watch the whole game. They don't even start until 8:30 after all!


6. Oh and side note - don't you think my baby will need to own something like this? Just don't tell Dad.


7. Meanwhile, tonight's game day eats will consist of some of this yummy mango hot pepper jam that I picked up on our trip to Lewes, DE a couple of weeks back (of which I still need to do a recap!). Spread atop crackers with a little bit of cream cheese, this is totally tops.



8. Please give a vote to my friend Lauren, founder of Keep It SweetDesserts, a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made contest, where she has a chance to win some major moola to grow her dessert business! It takes 2 seconds! Her desserts are certifiably swoon worthy :)

9. I'm ready for a weekend filled with birthday parties, dinners with friends and some baby registering. Why is it only Thursday?!


Hope you are all having a great week! What are your thoughts and things on this Thursday?