Five Things Friday


apple pie sundaes and dinner with great friends at The Smith


Hi there! Sorry I've been a little off the grid this week. I took a couple of days to myself early in the week to get my head wrapped around all of the craziness going on in life. It's all wonderful, fantastic, happy things, but sometimes I need to remember to just take a moment for myself, get organized, make sure my head is on straight, have a good cry and pick myself back up. I hope you all had a great week and have fun things planned for the weekend! I will be spending mine working on Baby Girl's room, having mocktails at my cousin's bachelorette party, celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday and walking in a 5K on Sunday (wish me luck!).



perpetual state of glasses-wearing...Since apparently pregnancy has caused my contacts to feel like tiny razor blades attacking my eyes...



a bloody good time...Dexter is back on Sunday evening and I always manage to forget how much I love this show. So much that it almost makes me want to have this Dexter party that I spoke about last year...


creating a baby album...I'm working on my own little love letter to my baby that I plan to make into a sweet little scrapbook (and who says girls can only have pink?) I've been keeping a little journal, week by week, along with photos about how I'm feeling, details on ultrasounds, etc. I can't wait to compile it into a book for Baby H.




Why We Dance: The Story of amazing documentary about the work that Penn State students (including my beautiful sister Christine!) do to raise money each year to fight children's cancer, culminating in a 46 hour dance marathon, called THON.