Five Things Friday

This week has been hot, swampy and essentially just miserable weather. Not quite what I was hoping for in early September! Here's hoping for a beautiful weekend and some cooler temps in the coming weeks. This week flew by in a flash and I'm thrilled to be taking a vacation day today. We are heading down to Delaware for a last shore weekend and I'm ready to soak up some R&R. Seafood, sunshine, roof deck and relaxing, here I come!

{Lewes, Delaware; 2011 trip}

I made these last week and am mildly obsessed. Fudgy brownies topped with raw (egg-free) cookie dough. Super sweet, sugary and indulgent...recipe coming next week!

{Cookie dough brownies}


I picked up these absolutely adorable heels to test drive for my cousin's wedding next month. I really, really love them, but the heel might be just a bit too high for my pregnant body in about 6 weeks. Tell me some other reasons I should keep these little beauties!

{Steve Madden Remmedy Lavender Pumps}

After a number of weeks, I finally finished book #5 in The Mortal Instruments series. Though I wasn't sure about this series at first, I quickly became engrossed in Jace, Clary and the whole Shadowhunter world. Sadly the 6th book doesn't come out until...2014?! Not ok. Any other series I can obsess over now?

{City of Lost Souls}


Did anyone else watch The Newsroom this summer? We didn't catch it in its original run, but found the whole season on FiOS demand and plowed right through it. It's brilliantly written with captivating characters and features real news stories from the last 2 years. It made me excited to watch the news again (something that I typically avoid) and left me wondering how I'll last another year without it in my life. 

{The Newsroom}

What are your five things this week?