Looking to 2013

I always have a love/hate relationship with New Years. There is always so much build up over celebrating New Year's Eve and the subsequent resolutions that I never end up keeping.

This New Year's, however, I am super in love with 2013.

2012 had its ups and downs for sure. We had lots of fun traveling to great places like Aruba, the Jersey shore, Atlantic City, Delaware, and Las Vegas.

We received the best news of our lives in finding out in late May that we were expecting a little bundle of joy.

But we also struggled, as Shaun spent most of the year searching for a new job and my job got more demanding and time consuming, just as I was newly pregnant.

In 2013, I'm excited to slow down a little bit. I feel like we are constantly on the go (which is often fun!) but it causes days, weeks and months to fly by in a flash. I know that once our baby girl arrives, we'll have many evenings at home, though how relaxing they will be remains to be seen.

In 2013, I'm looking forward to getting back into fitness, even at a slow pace. Just as I was really getting into Physique 57, I found out I was pregnant and lost all energy and motivation to do...well, pretty much anything!

In 2013 - more than anything else, I simply cannot wait to meet our sweet baby girl. I know we are in for a whirlwind of fun that won't come without its challenges. I'm so excited to bring her into the world and for Shaun and I to grow even closer as we begin our journey together into parenthood.

Here's to a wonderful year ahead!

I know I never say it enough, but thank you for continuing to read this blog, for sending kind words and well wishes and for just being generally awesome. Happy New Year friends!