Stocking Up

As you've probably noticed, there's been little to no cooking going on up in here.

No new recipes.

Little to no cooking or baking whatsoever, really. 

I was convinced that I'd be cooking and baking like mad as part of that whole nesting thing. But instead, I've chosen the opposite route...avoid, avoid, avoid. I've switched to ordering Fresh Direct each week and only eating about half of the food I buy. I leave Shaun to deal with what we are having for dinner. I'm back to my first trimester feelings of preferring to have a few crackers with hummus and head straight to bed after work, rather than cook any sort of actual meal. So there's been a whole lotta taco kits, grilled chicken bratwursts and pasta with jarred sauce going on. 

But with Baby H's arrival rapidly approaching, I know that stocking up on some frozen meals and some easy throw-together eats is going to be paramount to our survivial during those first few weeks (and possibly months). I'm hoping that family members will gift us with food (ahem, Mom), but in the meantime, I plan to make a few simple dishes to freeze up and have at the ready. We've spent a lot of time prepping to make sure that Baby H will have everything she it's time to plan ahead for Mom and Dad!

Here's my list:

Italian goulash

lovely comfort food from Jamie & Bobby Deen


Mexican layer bake

simple, healthy and laden with shredded chicken

Baked oatmeal

for those zombie-Mom mornings


Breakfast burritos

a healthy option that can be heated up in no time; also perfect fuel for Shaun once he is back at work!


Citrus loaf cake

I actually just came across this and realized that I'd love some of it right now :) I think it would also be perfect to have on hand for when company visits! Plus this recipe makes 2 loaves and freezes nicely!

Also on hand? I plan to have lots of the following:

Old fashioned oats


Jarred sauce

Granola bars

Nuts & dried fruit



Black beans


Frozen vegetables




I think a lot of the above can be made into quick meals, like vegetable stir fry, black bean quesadillas, pizzadillas and rice bowls. In a way, it feels like I'm stocking up for a storm!

I'll keep you posted on what I actually end up making (if I can get it together to actually do these things!) and how it all works out. Meanwhile, I'm getting my foil trays and crockpot ready...

What are your favorite make-ahead meals?

What staples do you keep on hand for easy & quick meals?