Five Things Friday

{pretty nursery bedding}

This week seemed to be a little crazy with wrapping up my last days in the office and having lots to do after work in the evenings. As we are finally crossing the finish line on baby prep, I'm super excited for a relaxing weekend of final nursery touches, going for long walks, viewing an Oscar nom or two with Shaun and curling up with my mom for the Golden Globes on Sunday night. It feels like the calm before the storm (but a good storm at that!) and I plan to soak up one of my last weekends prior to Baby H's arrival. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Do something fun, sleep in, eat pancakes. I know I will.


{what alice forgot} I'm in the midst of this great book (thanks for the recommendation Kim!) which both makes me feel hopeful and makes my heart hurt.


{a new toy} After over a year of dealing with a super duper slow computer that has made blogging and photo uploading beyond painful, I finally bit the bullet and treated myself to a new computer. I'll call it my push present to myself.


{the only comfortable footwear I have left} My feet are swollen and I've never been so happy to have Uggs in my life. I have red Uggs from years and years ago and am feeling both thankful and incredibly smart at my foresight to keep these in my closet after all of these years.


{urban decay mariposa palette} Santa brought me this gorgeous collection of eye shadows and I am so in love with it. The colors look surprisingly natural, stay on all day, and add a little glamour and life to my otherwise puffy face these days.