Working Girl {at 37+ weeks}

Well, today is my last day in the office before Baby H arrives.

As of tomorrow, I'll be working from home until Little Miss Humiston makes her arrival. I'm simultaneously excited, thrilled and terrified at this notion.

On one hand, I'm so ready to not be riding the Path train to and from the office, so ready to not have to stuff myself into my seemingly shrinking maternity clothes to look presentable and so ready to get a little more sleep in the early morning hours.

On the other hand...I'm rapidly approaching the finish line and to say that it's surreal is an understatement. Finishing out my days in the office felt like the last major milestone that I had to get through before she could make her arrival...and now here we are! While I'm totally excited, I can't help but feel a little sad and I'm trying to pinpoint why...because things are seriously about to change? That my routine will be interrupted? That I won't be in the office, seeing people who I see day in and day out for 9+ hours every day?

I'm not sure, but hopefully my new life will become my new normal and I know I'll forget all about these fears and semi-sadness once my baby girl arrives!

And on that note, I'm just finishing up 37 weeks today.

I'm not sure why but today, after almost 7 months of not eating eggs, I had a serious hankering for my {formerly} favorite scrambled egg breakfast from 92Y in TriBeCa. Perhaps for a bit of nostalgia on my last day? Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it along with a nice cup of tea.


Last night we had our final ultrasound. Her head is low, she is facing my back and her little arms and legs are trying to push their way on out. Seriously, this baby does not stop moving! Though we were thrilled that everything looks good and she is getting ready, we couldn't help but feel a little bummed about not getting any photos or really even getting to see very much at all due to her position. I was so hoping for a glimpse of her face, but I guess we will just have to wait for the real thing in a couple of weeks!

Tonight we're off to a fancy Restaurant Week dinner tonight to celebrate my last office day...hope you all have a great one!