Lemon Orange Loaf Cakes

It's mighty chilly on the East coast today. I'm happy to be working from home and refusing to go outside unless you pay me. Though I've been trying to get in at least a short walk around outside each afternoon to avoid severe cabin fever and muscle atrophy, I am just not sure it's in the cards this week. It's so chilly and windy that not even a hot chocolate from Dunkin' Donuts can get me motivated (but perhaps today by 3pm I might be singing a different tune). I generally don't mind the cold so much, but lately it's been getting to me.

In addition to doing laundry every single day and cleaning my house top to bottom, lately I've been a baking machine.

I whipped up oatmeal cherry cookies and pumpkin scones (from a delicious Trader Joe's mix). And then I had a serious hankering for citrus (perhaps to remind me of warmer times?) and baked up some lemon orange loaf cakes.

I used the recipe from my blood orange loaf cakes, but used regular old oranges. I sliced the cakes in half, wrapped them up in plastic wrap and foil and tucked them away in the freezer for future eating (after devouring half a loaf this past weekend!)

I love how the glaze oozes and drips down the sides and then hardens into a sweet orangey shell.

I did a whole lotta zesting and juicing for these cakes, burning my picked over cuticles, but it was totally worth a little pain and elbow grease...they turned out deliciously orangey! I did add a couple of drops of red and yellow food coloring to the glaze get a nice orange color.

I know we will be happy to have these citrusy, bright cakes on hand in the coming weeks!

Do you like or hate the cold weather?

Are you a fan of citrus?

What are you baking up these days?