Five Things Friday

{awesomely informational wallpaper lining the bathrrom @ DBGB}

Well...another week and it's Friday once again! I'm over 39 weeks pregnant and the weirdest part about that is that the countdown on my app says '5 days'...5 days?! I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon though. In the meantime, I'm staying indoors, only sitting on towels and catching up on lots of reading and even doing some crafts. We've got nothing but waiting on the menu this weekend, and I'm totally ok with it. I hope you all have a great weekend...stay warm out there!


{butter LONDON's The Black Knight} So fun and festive...but taking suggestions on how to eventually remove this notoriously impossible sparkly shelac.


{Valentine's Day window clings} bringing a little brightness to our place, especially against a sunset reflection


{giant mugs of tea} keeping me warm on the, at least on the go down the hall to my apt building's business center so I can rid myself of cabin fever


{pancake lunch} a little treat for solo lunchtime at home 


What five things are you loving this week?