40 Weeks + the Final Nursery

Well it's officially official.

Today I'm 40 weeks pregnant.

And in case you didn't know...today is supposedly the day! At least according to my pregnancy app.


Though my doctor told me that only about 5% of women go into labor on their due date (can that be true?!), I am still holding out hope that I'll have a January baby. She's got about 36 hours to make it.

Mostly, I continue to feel really good. Shaun and I have been staying pretty local. We spent the last weekend putting the finishing touches on the nursery and eating brunch. Lots of pancakes happening for this lady. And somehow, I'm back on bananas.

I am seriously going to miss eating whatever I want.

I think the most exciting part is that we finally finished the nursery! I'm so excited to share our finished photos with you. This weekend, we hung up some artwork, attached the changing pad to the dresser top and put on all of the finishing touches. Of course, there is still a little more work to do once she arrives (like hanging a wall applique of her name), but I think for right now, we are pretty set. So here goes!

If you recall, months ago I had whipped up this little nursery moodboard to get some inspiration for how I wanted the room to come together:

I'm thrilled to report that most of this came to fruition!

So without further ado, here is the {almost} final nursery! And I'm going to let the photos do the talking...


So there you have it. Our final nursery! I seriously love it so much, I often just head on in there to admire it all. And of course, we've got a pretty awesome closet all set up for her too.

We've got everything all set and ready...we just need a baby! I'll be sure to keep you all posted in the coming days with any news :)

Thanks for all of your well wishes and kind words over the last 9+ months. It has meant the world to Shaun and me!