Spacesaving Gift Wrap Station

Part of the fun that's gone along with prepping for Baby H has been reorganizing every other single thing in my home. I've totally become one of those people who has to have everything in every aspect of my life in order before I can possibly bring my baby home. It's nesting on a whole new level.


When we started cleaning out our den/office/storage room/crapatorium, we had a long journey ahead of us. Not only was the room serving as a dumping ground for anything and everything, but our ginormous closet in that room was also not being used to its full potential. (And as an aside, this is also half of where Baby H's closet will reside and I'll be sharing that fun update later this week!).

One of my biggest organizational issues has been how to store all of my gift wrap goodies. I love paper, gift tags, boxes, name it. I started with an overflowing open basket of random crap stuff and towering rolls of wrapping paper that fell everytime I tried to get into the closet and after seeing this tutorial  transformed it into this little gem of a gift wrap station. 

We started by hanging a commercial door hook (we have large, thick doors) and adding the longest track they had. In fact, on a normal sized door, you would also use the bottom hook that is provided to secure the whole thing in place, but since the track didn't make it to the bottom of the door, Shaun simply added a few screws along the track to secure it.


I realized that we have super tall doors, the insides of which were completely untouched. Talk about finding space where you least expect it! When I saw that this could all be done so simply with the elfa system from the Container Store, it was a no brainer. (Oh and as a bonus, the system parts are all 30% off right now!)

After hanging the track, I used a deep basket with a media organizer to hold all of my wrapping paper in place. Can you tell that I love Christmas paper? Thicker rolls in the front, skinny rolls in the back with plenty of space to add to my collection.


In a shallow basket, I set up some little gift boxes that I like to keep on hand, along with notecards (somehow those end up all over my apartment and I can never find them when I need them!), and some leftover giant rolls of holiday ribbon. 


In another deep basket, I folded up all of my holiday tissue paper (I got a huge box of it from BJ's this season, the likes of which will surely last through next Christmas and possibly beyond!). Behind the tissue paper are a few flattened shirt boxes and more large spools of holiday ribbon in the front. Oh and some everyday tissue paper also made its way into the right side.


In yet another shallow basket went all of my leftover bows, twine and paper ribbon. I love having these little things on hand to really dress up a gift!


And finally on the top, I used one more deep basket for a little Ikea planter filled with gift tags (again, mostly holiday-themed...gotta love BJ's!) and a large gift bag filled with other gift bags inside.


So there you have it.

The elfa system doesn't come cheap, but I am so in love with the look and functionality of this that now I'm on the hunt to transform every door in my home to one of these systems! No more baskets of random wrapping stuff, no more searching to see if we have tissue paper hidden somewhere, no more 10 rolls of wrapping paper falling over in the closet at any given moment.


I've never felt so accomplished! Oh and yes, I'll even go in there from time to time to gaze lovingly at it!

Happy Monday friends!

What's the last organizational project you instituted?

Do you have a magic gift wrap storage solution?