Tuesday Things

Last night was one of those nights that went by in a flash.

I arrived home around 7:15 from work and before I knew it, it was 10pm.

We spent the evening taking down our Christmas tree.

And by we, I mean Shaun took off all of the ornaments while my cankles rested atop a fluffy pillow. At least I boxed up the delicate ornaments from my spot on the couch. That counts as helping, right? Tonight we just have to remove the lights and dispose of the tree. Such a sad day. It always makes me feel a little depressed.

However, space in our place is at a premium right now and so I'm definitely looking forward to reclaiming some of it for general living. 


We found out this week that my sister Christine is going to be dancing at Penn State's THON this year. In case you missed my recap of last year's THON, you can read about this amazing weekend and cause here.

This is a huge accomplishment as students are nominated and voted on in order to be one of the dancers on the main floor of THON for a full 46 hours. The dancers are required to stand on their feet for the.entire.time. No sitting whatsoever. I'm so proud and happy for her! She has dedicated countless hours to raising money for THON and to fight children's cancer and I'm thrilled that her hard work will culminate in this amazing honor in February. Sadly, I won't be there to cheer her on this year, but we will be cheering for her at home! Go Christine!!


In other news, today wraps up my 36th week of pregnancy. I'm certainly feeling gigantic these days...in all places.

This means that as of tomorrow, Baby Girl is considered full term and could make her appearance at any time. I'm convinced that I won't be going anytime soon, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. This weekend I spent a lot of time shopping for hospital bag things, washing them, organizing it all and starting to pack. 

I'm trying to keep a narrow list of things, yet still have all of my creature comforts available to me. A lot of friends and family gave me some great advice via Facebook this weekend, so I'm working on my packing list. 

I think the toughest part of packing for the hospital (and accepting what's about to happen in general) is simply not knowing what to expect. It's one of the biggest moments of my life and it feels very unsettling to have no control over the situation. I'm trying to take it all in stride - just like I've tried to do throughout my entire pregnancy - but as I'm nearing the end (or beginning!) it is more than a little frightening, especially for a control freak like me!

But when I look at this sweet number which arrived last night, how scared can I be?

Tell me that's not the cutest thing in all the land.

I ordered this little North Face bunting from Nordstrom.com. Apparently babies are not supposed to wear anything heavy while in their carseat as it poses a safety hazard and so I was so happy to find this incredibly lightweight fleece suit for her. It is so soft and I think will be adorable on her!

Shaun also had the car seat installed this week. He took it to the local fire department, where they hold bi-monthly installation and inspection for car seats:

Not going to lie, it's a tight squeeze in our little Prius, but the nice man who installed it didn't seem to think it was a problem at all. I absolutely love this car seat, aesthetically-speaking. It's blue (my favorite!) and oh-so-purdy.

In not so good news, I'm down to only one comfortable pair of shoes...my Uggs! Any suggestions for dealing with feet swelling? I'm in my TOMS today but they aren't feeling great...


Have a great Tuesday everyone!