10 Months

It feels like I just did an update on P, but here we are another month later.

Penelope is over 10 months old at this point and I swear she is changing everyday day.

I really love this photo of her, just a few days before her official 10 month birthday (on Thanksgiving!)...it so captures her personality right now. Happy, stuffing her little face with food and smiling that enormous, beautiful smile to show off those many pearly whites.

This month brought the full transition to finger foods. When she began flat out refusing to be spoon fed, I silently rejoiced because though letting her feed herself is a little scary (I have an unreasonable choking fear), it is also quite liberating. I really enjoyed cooking and pureeing food for Penelope, but finger food is soooooo much easier and so much fun.

My little cheese doodler

At this point, she is eating just about anything and everything that we eat. This includes mixed veggies, pasta, black beans, sweet potatoes, eggs, turkey, cranberry sauce on thanksgiving, ravioli, bread, bananas, melon, hummus on tiny bits of cracker...essentially anything that I'm eating or snacking on, if Penelope seems interested in it, she gets to try it. In Aruba, we even gave her a little ice cream! Though she made a strange face initially, she opened her piehole right up for more and started whining...it was love at first bite!

In the toy department, P is starting to love her interactive toys. Just this week, she is so enamored with her toy remote control. She is a great solo player...she will sit for quite some time in her playpen and just play with her toys. She also looooooves to jump!

Penelope is also a little crawling machine. She is so active and just wants to be on the go. Time for mom to start baby proofing!

Penelope continues to love Mickey! but we've gotten a small break with Finding Nemo, which she will tolerate.

This month also brought her first big trip - Aruba! We flew on a plane (4.5 hours each way), played in the pool and in the ocean, and went to lots of restaurants.

Bedtime continues to be a challenge (is it ever not, parents? Do these kiddos ever grow out if it?) We finally decided to just let her cry at bedtime and also if she wakes during the night and for the last few days that seems to be working alright.

Daycare continues to go well for us. I do wish that I had a little more time at home with her but we have found a workable groove...for now.

And here we are in her eleventh month. I'm already planning her first birthday party (Mickey Mouse themed of course) and will be sure to fill you in on those details as they develop!

Each day just gets better and better :)


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