One Week In

So it's been over a week since Penelope Jane was born.

One week in and it has certainly been a bit of a transition as life has changed complete focus to being a Mommy 24/7. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't an adjustment! But an awesome one at that. Penelope is obviously on her own schedule which has meant waking every 2-3 hours, even overnight. This mama is already quite exhausted! But then I see that amazingly sweet face and my heart melts.

One week in and I'm trying to start establishing a routine with little miss Pen. Though she is on her own schedule, I'm trying to make sure that I get up at a normal time in the morning, shower, get dressed and get some things done around the house. It's tough because the day manages to just fly right on by.

One week in and I'm back to eating some of my old food favorites!


I actually made scrambled eggs and toast last week. After not eating or making them for Shaun for over 9 months (you see, I have magic scrambled egg-making powers), I woke up last week and just wanted them for breakfast. I was so happy to learn that I hadn't lost my scrambled egg-making touch. 

It's amazing how tastes come right back! I also had a banana and peanut butter smoothie. After not wanting anything to do with bananas or peanut butter for almost a year, here I was ordering a giant, refreshing banana pb smoothie from a little cafe next to Pen's pediatrician's office. And you know what? I haven't stopped thinking about it.

One week in and I'm drinking water like it's my job. Like multiple water bottles per day. No matter how much I drink, I just can't get enough! I ordered a snazzy new water bottle to be my BFF over the next weeks (or months)!


One week in and I went to sleep at 7pm last night. No seriously. Penelope was sleeping soundly and I felt like a serious #zombiemom. So I changed into flannel jammies, crawled into bed and passed out while watching the Grammy's. It never felt so good.

One week in and I'm loving my new life and my little family! 

I'm hoping to get back to a more normal blogging schedule this week. I can't promise a 5 day a week schedule, but hopefully I will slowly get back into posting regularly!

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!