Long Weekend

This past weekend was a wonderfully long and awesome 3 days!

Of course, for Penelope and me these days, everyday feels like a weekend. The fun part about this one, though, was that Shaun also had Monday off and so we used the time to its fullest.

We had lots of visitors this weekend, but also had some time to enjoy our new little family of 3. Shaun and I just keep remarking in wonderment how we can't believe how amazing our little Sweet P is. Our lives have certainly changed a ton over the last 2+ weeks! Our weekend consisted of some relaxing and some sleep catch up, in addition to spending some quality time together.

We enjoyed gorgeous Valentine's Day flowers from Shaun to me:


and from my parents to Penelope:

We enjoyed a lovely walk in the park...


which sadly only lasted a few minutes before it got too windy for little P.

But it was glorious to get outside for a bit regardless.

On the way home, we drove by the waterfront in Jersey City for a little hot chocolate for Mom and coffee for Dad. We used to live in this neighborhood and while I love having so much more space in our current home, I really, really miss this view of lower Manhattan everyday.

We continued our weekend by trying to catch up on some shows! It's amazing how fast time flies with a newborn..our evenings go by in a flash and before we know it, it's time for bed. Our TV shows have definitely fallen by the wayside, but we were very excited to catch up on The Walking Dead since it returned last week! We still have Sunday night's episode to watch, and I think that is on the menu for this evening (pending no meltdowns from the new addition...or from me).

I hope you all had a great weekend and got to soak up an extra day off! I love starting the week on Tuesday!