Easy Antipasto Platter

A few weeks ago, my family celebrated my mom's birthday. Though I've hosted her birthday dinner or brunch in the past, this year my sister Kimberly took the reigns and cooked dinner for the family.


Though I have a shiny new baby at home, I still wanted to contribute something (simple) to the celebration, even if I had less than zero time to cook anything. A constantly crying baby will do that. Instead, I put together an antipasto platter that came together in a snap and looked pretty darn profesh if I do say so myself.



I found a package of antipasto meats in the deli section of the grocery store, which I used to anchor the corners of the platter. This was also incredibly helpful in removing the guesswork over which meats to use! I rounded that out with mini mozzarella balls that I cut in half. I filled in the sides with little delights including olives (my favorite), roasted peppers, and marinated artichokes. To keep things light, I used almonds with olive oil and sea salt for the centerpiece. I think some hummus or baba ganoush would also be wonderful here. On the side, I served toasted baguette, but simply crackers or Melba toast would also be great.



I think it was a hit because almost the entire platter was gone before dinner started! I love this easy, no-cook option for any party or just a Friday evening at home. In fact, I think this might be on tonight's menu with a glass of Malbec!


Have a great weekend!