MDW Recap

As is usually the case, we had a super busy weekend. Having an extra day on Monday was so nice! We spent the whole weekend with friends and family and I wouldn't have it any other way. We also took some time to acknowledge why we had a 3 day weekend in the first place...thanks to all of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could live free and happy.


We started off Saturday morning with a little car shopping while my parents came to watch Penelope. In 2010, we leased a Toyota Prius and we really have loved this car. It's so fun to drive and filling up at the pump is never an issue since we get 46 miles to the gallon on the highway (hello roadtrips!). But since Penelope was born and we have more and more gear to cart around, it became clear that a bigger car is in our future. We have a whole list of cars that we want to test drive, but we started out with the Honda Pilot. 

We immediately fell in love with the interior space (hi third row-that-folds-down-into-massive-trunk!) and I was already picturing how I could not only fit Penelope's stroller, bags, bouncer, rock 'n play and more, but also how I could even lay down to take a nap back there...should the occasion arise.

Anyhow. We loved this car. It was a little out of our price range, but it's not off the list yet!

The whole process at Honda took a lot longer than expected, so we came home, ate sandwiches and essentially crashed. We spent the rest of the cold, rainy day snuggled up on the couch catching up on the DVR and snuggling with Penelope.

On Sunday, I was up bright and early baking some chocolate chip pretzel cookies for a barbecue at our good friends Kristen & Ryan's.

We had such a great time. The weather was pure perfection (not too hot, not too cold, all I needed was a light jacket ;)). It was sunny, bright and glorious to simply be outside.

Penelope wasn't in her best mood, but not in her worst either, so I'll call that a win. As we always tend to do, we stayed late into the night and all three of us practically face planted by the time we arrived home.

On Monday, we had another fun-filled day. We headed down to visit my parents for a little while before heading over to Shaun's parents' house to celebrate his dad's birthday. Unfortunately Penelope was not in her best mood, but it was nothing a little dancing to Motown hits with Grandma couldn't cure.

We arrived at my in-laws around 3 for some birthday barbecuing.

Again, the weather was amaze-balls. We got a little outdoor time and it dawned on us that Penelope has really only gotten to enjoy the outdoors a handful of times thus far, outside of napping through her daily stroller walks. 

It was great to spend the weekend with family and friends!

I wish every weekend could last 3 full days. And I'm not sure what's better...a 3-day weekend, or a 4-day work week? 

How did you spend the holiday weekend?

What is your idea of perfect weather?