Family CAO

Last week, Shaun and I were discussing all of the random tasks that we had on our lists to accomplish, like rolling over my 403(b) account, getting Penelope's birth certificate sorted out (they printed my name incorrectly on it) and a host of other administrative situations to take care of. Shaun mentioned that every family needs an administrative officer just to keep all of these things straight! I couldn't agree more. In fact, I think every family should have a Chief Administrative Officer. With both of us back to work and now that we have a little nugget happily taking up the rest of our time, it is so tough to stay on top of all of the little things that need to get done.


A few ways that we try to stay on top of things:

Making lists. I know most people do this, but I find that making quick lists really makes a huge difference, if even to make some space in my head. I love making a giant list first thing in the morning (like the above) and also one on the way home from work so that I can prioritize what I want to accomplish in the few precious hours I have at home in the evening hours. Oh and using pretty paper and fun markers helps too ;)

Calendar sharing. Every couple of weeks Shaun and I sit with our calendars and make sure that we are both aware of everything we have coming up in the foreseeable future. Many of our weekends are crazy and book up quickly, so going over the calendar together really helps us to feel like we're on top of things.

Staying stocked. I've found that keeping stocked on paper goods really helps to stay on top of things. I like having plenty of envelopes, stamps and checks on hand for easily paying bills or mailing out various items. I also keep a stash of blank notecards and envelopes in my gift wrap station for sending out Thank You notes or bringing a hostess gift to a party.

Cleaning dishes/making the bed. These are two things that I just cannot leave the house without doing. While it doesn't help in the administrative sense, just having a tidy bedroom and a clean kitchen makes all the difference in the world, not only when I leave the house but upon my return as well. No matter what else happens, I at least feel like my house is tidy and presentable and ready to welcome me home.

So that's how we try to keep it together. I still would love to appoint someone CAO of the household though to keep me on top of all of the million things we have going on!

So let's be dreamers...would you like to appoint someone other than you as the Chief Adminstrative Officer of your household?

What little things to you do to stay on top of your to do list?