Simply S'mores Brownies


For some reason, s'mores brownies have been on my to-make list for quite some time. It's funny because growing up, I was never a brownie girl. As I've gotten older, however, I could happily eat them all the time. While I love a classic fudgy brownie, there's something about s'moresifying (it's a new thing) them that makes them seem extra appealing. 


I honestly couldn't be bothered with the whole crust-making, brownie setting, broiler running situation that a typical s'mores brownie would call for. Would all of that make these better? Possibly. But I found a way to make them so easily and deliciously that there's really no need!



Simply S'mores Brownies
1 batch of brownies, prepared to your liking (I just used a box of milk chocolate brownie mix)
1 jar marshmallow cream
1/4 C graham cracker crumbs


Bake your brownies according to the package or recipe directions. Once cooled, carefully spread the entire jar of marshmallow cream over the top. Sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs.


Let set and cut into squares. I found that using a pizza cutter, dipped in warm water, really made the slicing process so much easier and I got nice, clean edges. The marshmallow, though seemingly set, will still ooze over the sides, making it a messy, finger-lickin' treat...just as a s'mores brownie should be.


What messy treats are you loving lately?


What recipes are on your to-make list this summer?