Where I've Been Lately: Las Vegas

It's been a wild ride since mid-June. I'm sorry I left you hanging for a while but I've barely been able to keep my head on straight since we've had so much going on. In early June, I detailed what we had on our docket for the month and now that its behind us, I'm ready to give you the lowdown. Since these recaps can get wordy, I'll try to do a recap series this week, and first up - it's Las Vegas!

As you know, I traveled to Las Vegas for the Licensing International Expo. This is a yearly trip to which our entire company (of 12 people) attends. We exhibit with a large booth and this year we really made a statement! We had a brand new booth designed and I have to say, it looked pretty freakin' awesome.

I love Licensing Show because not only is it a great team-building trip in Las freakin' Vegas, but it is a fun way to see so many brands that are out there, from corporate stuff to the hot TV shows and movies. And some brands really go all out with their exhibits, like the awesome Game of Thrones "iron" throne replica.

You know I snuck away from our booth to get a photo in that bad boy. Look out Lannisters! House Humiston is moving in.

And yes, this is my best I-just-punched-Joffrey-in-his-smug-face-(or-maybe-much-much-worse-but-trying-to-keep-things-family-friendly)-and-now-I'm-the-ruler-of-the-Seven-Kingdoms-so-bow-down-to-me-for-all-of-time regal Queen face.

I may have practiced it on my co-workers a few times first.
Ah geekery at its finest.

It wasn't all work all the time though!

I stayed at the Vdara, which is a non-casino hotel near City Center. Just a 5 minute walk from the Aria and the Cosmopolitan, I thought this was a great location, especially since walking in Las Vegas can be a serious mirage at times. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Vdara. It was super chic, clean, spacious and I had this all to myself:

I also got to eat at some pretty fab restaurants, including Sage:

You know it's a classy joint when the drink menu is delivered via iPad...

And Sushi Samba (oh.my.)

I also dabbled in some pretty cocktails, like this spiked strawberry lemonade from the bar at the Vdara.

and last but certainly not least, I attended the Licensing Show opening night party at the Beach at Mandalay Bay, which featured a performance by Flo Rida!

Yeah, it was kinda cool and gave me quite a good feelin' ;)

So that's the skinny on my trip to Las Vegas. Oh and I should mention that yes, I did do lots of actual work while I was there! This was just all the fun stuff surrounding the whole back-to-back meetings, standing all day in heels situation.

Do you travel for work? 

Do you have any trips - work or non-work - coming up?