5 Months!

Another month has flown by and this little nugget is now 5 months old.


Pass the tissues!

 {and in fact, Sweet P is actually 22 weeks at this point, but I haven't edited those photos just yet!}

In some ways it feels like time is flying but it also feels like she's been part of our lives for much, much longer (though I guess if you count womb time, she has!)

We had lots of things going on this month and lots of new milestones!

One of the biggest developments is that Sweet P can now roll from her tummy to her back!

We're still working on back to tummy, but I'm happy with tummy to back for now ;) I'm not sure if she really wants to roll or just dislikes being on her tummy so much. Either way, it is super fun to watch!

At her 5 month appointment, P weighed in at 15lbs and 25 3/4". 57 percentile for weight and 72 for height. Not off-the-charts considering how big everyone tells me she is...but I think she's just perfect. Naturally.

Another milestone came just the other day...Sweet P got her first tooth! And is in the midst of her second one. On the morning of July 4, she grabbed my finger to suck on (as per usual) and I felt a tiny tooth poking through on the bottom! The crankiness of teething started in full effect and we realized that she must be getting a second one on the other bottom side. I haven't been too forceful about trying to see them or sticking my finger on her gums since she seems to be quite uncomfortable. Instead we're doing more bottles than breastfeeding (nursing seems to really hurt), infant acetaminophen, and lots of extra snuggles (to which I happily obliged!). Here's hoping this phase will end soon for a while!

This past month has brought lots of new things. We took Penelope on her first camping trip! My aunt and uncle host a huge campout at their property in Pennsylvania every year. Though I use the phrase camping loosely...Shaun and I tented it while P rested easy inside the house with my parents. Still, we spent lots of time outdoors and Penny had a ball.

We also baptized Penelope last week. Ill have a full recap on that soon, but Penelope was a champ for the entire event. She loves baths so I had a feeling she would be a rock star at the baptismal.

P is still doing the nightly pacifier cry, but getting closer to grabbing it back by herself. She is still loving Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and continues to enjoy Motown sounds, along with Frankie Valli. Oh! And I finally invested in a baby carrier! Penelope is loving the Beco Baby Carrier Gemini (I chose the Stella Black to keep things gender neutral for any future kiddos! I really loved the Luca though.). She can face in or out and most importantly, can look around and see everything, which she loves. And it's pretty comfy and not too harsh on my back either.

So that's how things are shaking out at 5+ months! Everyday brings new things and more fun!