Pineapple "Tiramisu"


How was your weekend? We were very busy and I'm writing this from my couch after finally making it back home, rushing around to unpack and prep for the week ahead and collapsing... sunswept, sleepy and so not ready for Monday. I am fairly certain that the best way to combat Monday is with a treat, don't you? Today is also my Secret Recipe Club reveal and I'm very excited that I picked a no-bake, summery treat to share on this Monday morn. This month's reveal kind of snuck up on me, but since we had a lobster boil at my friend Erin's house on Saturday night, I decided to save my dessert-making for the event. And since I of course couldn't dig into the pie beforehand (apparently that's just bad etiquette or something), I also made a tiny version for Shaun and I to share back home.


When I started searching Manuela's blog, Manu's Menu, I found so many amazing and gourmand-looking options. Manu's cooking is no joke. I was in awe of her homemade pork sausage, pear and gorgonzola risotto, and many, many more. But when I saw this easy pineapple dessert - that seemed just like a tropical tiramisu - I was all about it.


Pinapple "Tiramisu"
*Adapted from Manu's Menu
24 ladyfingers
1 can pineapple slices + juice
1/2 C water
1 tub Cool Whip
1 pkg. instant white chocolate pudding mix
1 C milk


Mix the pudding mix and milk together until the pudding mix is dissolved, about 2 minutes. Gently fold into the Cool Whip; set aside.


Drain the pineapples, reserving the juice. Mix the juice with water in a shallow bowl and set aside.


In a pie plate, or square baking dish, spread a bit of the pudding mixture in the bottom. Dip the individual lady finger halves in the pineapple juice mixture and layer on top of the pudding mix. Top with pudding mix. Repeat. 


Once you've used all of your ladyfingers (I had 2 layers of them), add the large pineapple rings to the top of the 'tiramisu'.



Refrigerate and devour.