6 Months!

Another month gone by and so many milestones happening around here.

Right after her five month mark, Penelope got two teeth, one right after the other. On the morning of July 4, P grabbed my finger to suck on (as she often does) and I felt a tiny tooth poking through on the bottom.

This was almost immediately followed by the one next to it, but this one took more than a few days of crying, Tylenol, ice cubes and drooling before it made its appearance.

It feels like one {very} long month+ of teething since now we are already working on the top two!

Penelope has also started sitting up on her own! The first time she did it I had her on the couch next to me propped in the Boppy and suddenly she just sat straight up and started playing like it wasn't no thang. Since then, she sits and plays for hours...I set her up with the Boppy behind for support and lay all of her toys in front of her. Sometimes I'll set her up on the edge of the playmat so I can hang toys from that to play with.

P has turned into such a happy baby and it really is a joy to watch her discover new things everyday. This month we took her to the beach. She dipped her toes in the water and in the sand. Though maybe she didn't quite love it, she definitely didn't seem upset by it either (and this photo below is one of my all time favorites. I know when she is older, she will love having this photo of her and her Daddy at the beach!).

We also finally started on solid food this month. Let me tell you, this has really been fun. At first, she didn't quite know what was happening, but she has certainly gotten the hang of things and now loves having her food at lunchtime.

I've started one new food every few days or so. For her first food, I went with sweet potatoes since it is one of my favorite foods (Aside: Mom has since gotten significantly better at not a) getting it all over her face and b) letting P have the spoon).


We've also tried bananas, butternut squash, sweet peas, peaches, pears and applesauce. So far, I've made it all myself aside from the applesauce (i didnt see the sense in all that work for applesauce so we just picked up the unsweetened kind where the only ingredients were apples and water and one additive for color).

I have had so much fun making food for P and I am simply loving the weekends when I am home to give her lunch. I think wel'll be upping to more meals per day after her 6 month appt on Friday, so I'm hoping that will let me give her dinner during the week. If there's interest I can do a post about making baby food (so.much.fun. But I'm also a nerd like that).

The last big news, which I've already shared, is that P started daycare. This has been a tough transition for me (and a longer lasting transition for me than I expected). P seems thrilled with it though, so I'm trying to just follow her cues on that front and stay strong. Perhaps I'll do a longer post on that next week.

So here we are after 6 amazing months! Can't wait to see what next month brings :)


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