Warby Parker Shades

Have you guys heard of Warby Parker?

This is me taking a stealthy #selfie on the Path. I should really just be a spy.

I had been debating getting prescription sunglasses for a few years. Since getting pregnant with and subsequently having Penelope, I have had a very, very hard time wearing my contacts (weird, right? crazy pregnancy symptoms no one ever tells you about! and somehow, never went away!). This has made it kind of annoying when driving in the sunshine or simply walking down the street and needing a little coverage on my bright baby blues.

So I started to convince myself that prescription sunglasses would solve all of my issues...but at $300+ a pop, I simply couldn't justify spending that kind of money on shades.

Enter Warby Parker.

If you haven't heard of Warby Parker, they are, in a word, awesome. All of their eyeglasses and sunwear clock in at just $95, and $150 with prescription lenses. Now that is a price I could handle. And with $140 left in my FSA account, this purchase was all the more sweet.

I went with the Evelyn style in Marine Slate, as I wanted something vastly different from my classic Wayfarers, which I wear daily (and adore them, just sayin').

I went into their SoHo location to pick out the style and have my face measured. Then, it was just a matter of faxing over my prescription, and waiting a few short days to receive them in the mail. Though I thought I'd need to go back to the store to have them adjusted, they actually fit my face perfectly. 

So that's the tale of my new shades that I'm really loving. Driving in the sunshine, here I come!