Friday Things

It's been a wild week, friends. I've been in Massachussetts for the last few days on business and am excited to get home to my favorites this afternoon. The highlight of my roadtrip up here? An English Breakfast Tea Latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Ohhhh my, this was such a treat! I'm simultaneously happy and sad that there aren't more locations convenient to me.

It's been really, really cold. And while I love wearing my fun knit hat and though I'm really one who does not hate the cold weather...I'm kinda getting tired of it. It's just so frigid outside and it makes me want to hide under the covers until Easter (do you think it will be warm by then?!)

This weekend is the Superbowl, which is taking place in New Jersey (NOT New York...just an FYI). The Meadowlands are just about 10 minutes from me and the teams are staying in Jersey City. So there, New York. If you are rooting for the Broncos or Seahawks (Personally, I don't have an affiliation, though I suppose I could make the connect to root for Peyton Manning since his bro is the Giants QB...but the Seahawks have really pretty uniforms, so....internal debates that make me digress...)...anyhow, if you are rooting for a specific team - or not! - I recommend making this party popcorn that I love so much. 

It's super easy and can be customized to any other goodies or colors you'd like. And if you are looking for more Superbowl recipes, check out this rundown

Last year at this time, I was one day late with my Penny Jane and waiting patiently for her to make her appearance (or any movement, really!) Yay for swollen feet!

As soon as I arrive home tonight, I will begin prepping for her birthday party on Sunday, which is the date of her actual birthday.

I simultaneously cannot believe that she is going to be a year old, and yet thinking of this time last year feels like a whole lifetime ago. Next week I plan to write a few Penelope-focused posts, like her one year update, her birth story, and my thoughts on this first year of motherhood. 

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the Superbowl. Have fun and most importantly, be safe!

What are your Friday things?