Falling for Good TV

We are full swing into fall and I'm rounding up my favorite show picks for the season!


Always first on the list: Sons of Anarchy! It's the final season and though it's been hard to watch (Jax, WWTT?), I'm savoring every last moment, especially those featuring a shirtless Charlie Hunnam and a soundtrack that just keeps getting better and better. I'm not quite sure where this season is going, but I'm happy to go along for the ride.

Favorite new show:
How to Get Away With Murder. I knew that any Shonda Rimes show deserved at least a look and I'm so glad we tuned in for this one. There was a lot set up in this first ep and I can't wait to see where it goes. Bonus surprise appearance by the always exciting Billy Brown, AKA Mike from Dexter and Sons' August March.

The Mindy Project: I'm late to the party on this one but this is one of my new favorite shows. So funny, so sweet and features fun guest appearances by Always Sunny alum.

New Girl: I've watched since the beginning and while this one struggles for me at times, the addition of Daman Wayans, Jr. breathed some new life into the show. It's clear he got some of those stellar comedic genes and destined for a long and hilarious career.

Parenthood: Always one of my favorite shows and kind of a sleeper hit in that I always forget how great this show is until I sit down to watch it. It's the final season and I'm sure extra tissues will be needed for these last 13 eps.

Orange is the New Black: It's not new, but we are still getting through it. The second season just isn't as gripping for me as the freshman offering, but I'm still excited to watch the rest.

Jeopardy: Our nightly staple. Is it weird that I was positively giddy when new eps began airing and we could stop tuning in to Tournament of the Decades reruns?

The Walking Dead: Season 5 premieres on Oct 12, and I'm counting down the days. Last season really upped its game (look at the flowers. Lizzie! gah!), and left us wondering...what is Terminus? is cannibalism now a thing? am I crazy or was there something happening between Beth & Darryl? Where is Beth?! These are the questions I need answered.


So that's what I'm loving on TV lately.

What are your favorite shows this Fall?